8 Weeks to Wellness® in Alexandria, VA

Change Your Life!

8 Weeks to Wellness® is a comprehensive wellness program that will change how you think about body alignment, food, nutrition, exercise and how you care for your body. Give us 8 weeks and you will feel better and  look younger.

Our 8WW® program can help you avoid preventable chronic health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Click 8 Weeks to Wellness® Testimonials to read the impact that the program had on actual patients.

Chiropractic Care

Getting your spine gently aligned and removing subluxations (misalignments) will allow your nervous system to work at its full potential. Dr. Trauben and Dr. Borenstein use a very scientific approach to help patients with spinal conditions gain successful and lasting results.


Our one-on-one or small group exercise regimens will fit your specific needs and health concerns. Cardiovascular fitness & resistance training improves your endurance and overall health so let our trainers help you finally get moving once & for all.

Massage Therapy

You will feel relaxed yet invigorated & renewed with massage therapy as the stress and tension is removed from your muscles.  Massage therapy improves circulation and your range of movement. We recommend including massage therapy as a vital component to your overall wellness.

Stress Management

8 Weeks to Wellness® uses meditation to achieve an increase in physical and mental relaxation, alertness, quality contact with others, creativity, productivity and personal satisfaction with life & work. We can show you how!


We will teach you how to eat properly for your lifestyle. Our trained staff will show you how to eat for the rest of your life with no fad diets. Proper meals and better choices will lead to good nutrition that will improve your health for the best you!

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Click 8 Weeks to Wellness® Testimonials to read the impact that the program had on actual patients.
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