Neck Pain Relief in Alexandria, VA

alexandria neck pain relief

When patients come to us suffering from neck pain, it’s not uncommon for us to see the cause being poor posture. Typically, the cause is due to our patient’s use of computers and other electronic devises. For example, if you use a computer daily and do not check and correct your posture, it is easy to create a misalignment where your head is leaning forward—usually one to three inches from your center of gravity. This leaning or sticking out of the head puts pressure on your neck. What you probably do not know is that for every inch the head leans forward from your center of gravity it applies 10lbs of unnecessary stress to your neck.

With a combination of gentle adjustments, individualized exercises for proper posture, and deep tissue massage therapy our patients eliminate their neck pain, improve their range of motion and are able to enjoy the actives they love once again.

If neck pain is limiting your life, call King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center in Alexandria today. Let us set your health back in motion enjoying the activities you love.

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