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alexandria back pain relief

Studies show that 80% of people in the US either have back pain now or will have debilitating back pain at some point in the future.

The most common cause of back pain we hear in our practice is the “I don’t know, Doc. All I did was bend over to pick something up—and boom—I was in so much pain.  It was hard to even get up!”  What this means is something happened earlier on in life – an injury or minor incident – that created a misalignment and weakened the spine and surrounding muscles and ligaments. Many times our patients don’t have an awareness of a misalignment in their spine and because there’s no pain, they ignore the signs until it’s stressed to the point of pain.

Another cause of back pain for adults and children is carrying heavy backpacks, luggage, and bags in a way that creates uneven weight distribution putting stress on the back and weakening the spine and surrounding muscles and ligaments. This is one of many reasons why we courage parents to bring their children in for an annual check up—just like going to a dentist for regular check ups.

Because our goal is always long-term relief, we work with our patients to create a comprehensive treatment plan to re-align their body with gentle adjustments, exercises to strengthen the core and instruction on correct body alignment.  We teach biomechanics (how the bones, muscles and ligaments naturally work together for pain-free and optimal performance) along with proper techniques for sitting, lifting and bending. Many of our patient’s favorite therapy is massage to keep their muscles flexible, reduce stress on the spine and enhance the benefits of exercise and adjustments.

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