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So glad I found this place! I was experiencing unbearable migraine headaches for an extended period of time and my doctor was simply prescribing heavy medication to me. When I came to King Street Wellness, they were able to detect the issue right away. I have been getting adjusted for over a month now and I am feeling so much better! No more tension headaches, sleeping half the day, or taking medication!

Alexis R.
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After my x-rays and assessment, I was provided extremely detailed guidance of what to expect. The clinic has been extremely professional and helpful with understanding what I need to do to move in a more positive healing direction. The clinic offers great chiropractor, physical, acupuncture, and massage therapy. My back and neck issues have improved immensely. The chiropractors are true professionals with many decades of experience. The physical therapy is phenomenal. The massage therapist is in tune with your problem areas. They deserve five stars for all the great work combined they do. They are a well-oiled machine.

Danny F.
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Dr. T and his staff are great!! At my first appointment, Dr. T walked me through the process, clearly communicated how he could assist me, and offered concrete next steps. Within 24 hours, after my first adjustment, Dr. T personally called me to check in with me as well as to address any questions that I may have. This is truly a customer-centered/focused establishment that believes in helping people. I am happy that I found Dr. T and Alexandria Chiropractor! This is a great, feel-good/family-like environment where the staff are just happy that you are there.

Joylita A.
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I have gone to many many very good chiropractors over the years. These guys are GREAT. Kind and attentive, they take time to understand your particular pains and discomfort. Organized really well run. Hard working and super friendly front reception and office. Amazing massage therapists. EVERYONE who works her has a rock solid work ethic. Honestly they are on their game. And did I say kind ?

Zehra B.
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They have been taking care of me since 1998 helping keep me in line. Making sure all my major issues to have my body feel better. Dr. B & Dr. T also give a lot if helpful information so I can take better care of myself. All who work here are very friendly and they care about all who go there. THANK YOU for you help & health guidance. always is a highlight of my week when I came in for treatment. Aaaaah Very friendly and caring staff. Both doctors are very well versed in their trade and always leave you feeling like a new person after being adjusted. I always look forward to their service and cannot wait until my next appointment, especially since I’ve had spinal issues for some time. Thanks for doing a great job and as always keep up the good work. After sitting at a computer all day it’s nice to know that King Street Chiropractic can get me back on track with some well placed adjustments. I will give their practice a 10+ stars.

Carol C.
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What a find! My chiropractor retired and sent me to his chiropractor. What could be better than a chiropractor’s chiropractor? And he was right, they are very, very good. What I didn’t expect was to find a complete package. I was searching for a gym, personal trainer, healthy eating plan and I found it all at the King Street Wellness Center in their 8 Week Wellness Program. They even threw in a weekly massage. The facility is cheerful and inviting …the staff is warm, friendly and extremely helpful…and the two doctors are professional with great bedside manners. I got a great adjustment plus much more. I’m starting my fourth week of the program and encouraged at my progress. They are all supporting and rooting for me. If you’re not interested in all the bells and whistles you can count on a great adjustment.

Jan B.
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This practice has been completely amazing for the last 5+ years I’ve been a patient. The Drs and entire staff are caring and always have the patient’s best interest at heart. They all really know how to LISTEN too. I have had times of very high pain that was able to become very manageable to nearly nothing wiyh their help. I even was able to stop medication and steroid shots. They have also taken care of me through two pregnancies as well. Can’t say enough about the practice and how it really makes you feel like family.

Rose L.
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Absolutely love the staff and doctors at King Street Chiropractor Wellness Center! Doctors Borenstein and Trauben are wonderful. They truly care about the health of their patients. I have been going to Dr. B for adjustments to correct the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The results I have experienced have been amazing! My sleep is no longer disrupted with a throbbing/numb arm and I can get through the day sitting at my computer with no stiffness or pain. I was on the verge of visiting a surgeon and now so grateful I did not. If you haven’t already please schedule an appointment , you won’t regret it 🙂

Jackie S.
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I have been coming to King Chiropractors for years. They are very professional and courteous, from the doctors to the admin. I feel much better each time I visit them.

Will N.
Google review

Very attentive staff, great office location, very nice facility. Would recommend.

Kendra H.
Google review

Dr. B and Dr. T have cared for our family for almost a decade. They are incredibly dedicated, talented, and caring. From managing and improving our back and neck pain to helping us get in shape and lose weight, their practice is dynamic and holistic. They also have amazing masseuses too! Thank you all for how you help me stay healthy 🙂

Lauren M.
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Amazing doctors and great facility. I love the program that is designed to improve my physical health and I’m seeing results too. My neck pain has decreased dramatically!

Carol W.
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I really couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!! The chiropractors are so wonderful, I started as a prenatal patient and they’ve been gentle and take their time as to make sure my body feels better before I leave the office! Also Michelle the front desk assistant is amazing!! So friendly, multitasks wonderfully and is always willing to help!

Cora S.
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Great doctor and staff. I’m a new patient, so I have a lot to catch up with.

Marc W.
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This Chiropractor is absolutely professional and caring and gives there customer the best care. They are concern about your well being and want you to feel your best. This office is extremely the best, because they are working to make a difference in every client they see. Every customer matters, and they treat everyone the same. You are respected and treated like family.

Nicole M.
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King Street Wellness Center represents the epitome of high quality service, professionalism, and personalized consultation. From my initial call to my visit, I experienced the best customer service. Outside of physically being among other clients, I felt like I was the only client there and that my needs were of the utmost importance. Dr. Trauben is “THE MAN!” His ability to make immediate personal connections, build credibility, and quickly assess and inform based on his expertise in the field was amazing! I felt like I had gained a friend of the family while learning something new about myself. I am looking forward to future visits and would recommend KSW to anyone who appreciates experiencing the BEST of anything!

William L.
Google review

I have been a patient for over 10 years. Dr. B and Dr. T are amazing. I go in in pain and always come out feeling better and they are both easy to talk to. Michelle and the rest of the staff are the best as well! I have and will continue to recommend family and friends!

Krystal S.
Google review

I wish I could give ten stars. I don’t think I’ve ever had doctors who care about my health and well-being as much as Doc T and Doc B. The doctors have helped me so much with debilitating migraines. I was eating pain killers for breakfast, now I barely take a Tylenol. I’m a better parent and a better employee because I finally decided to come here to get the care I needed. Not only is the chiropractic care the best, but they also care about the rest of my health. They check with me to make sure I’m eating well, hydrating, resting, and that I’m taking care of myself. The whole staff is kind, patient, and welcoming. From the time I walk in to the time I walk out, I know I’m in good hands-literally. They’re efficient and streamlined, and I never ever wait to be seen. I walk in, start my care, get my PT done, and I’m out. I’m not going anywhere else for chiropractic care. They’re stuck with me.

Kris D.
Google review

I want to say that this place changed the direction of my life. I know that seems hyperbolic, but anything less wouldn’t be true. When I found them I had constant headaches, low energy, and, in general, was struggling. I had terrible eating habits that consisted of lots of prepared foods and had no problem eating fast food three times a day. When I came to this clinic I was 205 (overweight for my height) and on track for diabetes later in life. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, but also tough and kept pushing me. I enrolled in their 8 Weeks to Wellness program which helped me understand what a good diet looked like. The personal trainer gave me a template for how to work out and exercise properly. My weight is now consistently at 170 and I just completed my first 10k. It’s been over a year and I’m still going strong, even during COVID quarantine! I wonder how many more years are being added to my life as I write this. And not just any years, but active, fulfilling years. A deep thank you to Dr. T, Dr. B and everyone at this clinic for giving me a different way of living my life.

Ben H.
Google review

After a headache lasted three weeks, my husband convinced me to go see Dr. T and Dr. B. After a couple adjustments to my neck, I haven’t had serious headaches again! My lower back began giving me trouble recently, and once again within a few adjustments I was able to move and walk without discomfort. I love that the practice now has a trainer and massage therapist on-site to create an integrated treatment plan with an eye toward long term maintenance, and not just short term fixes.

Amira R.
Google review

This place is wonderful. The office staff is friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. They also are very flexible and helpful when trying to schedule your upcoming appointments. Dr. T and Dr. B are fantastic. Very personable, knowledgeable, and caring. They truly care about getting you back to your best self. The boys in the gym are awesome as well. Steven and Mustafa push you to do your best, whether you’re completing the 8 weeks to wellness program or just managing your pain and posture. The whole team is insightful and friendly. Great place; wouldn’t search for another chiropractic office…ever!

Lynette F.
Google review

Dr. B and Dr. T are awesome!! Just a little background about myself: I’m a current NPC competitor “men’s physique” and with all of the year around training, consistent bending and pounding on or around my spine over the years has caused some damage. After I realized that I needed to reach out to a chiropractor I found this awesome place which had amazing reviews. At the beginning of the year I suffered a slight injury to my spine and was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to compete anymore. With the help of Dr. B and Dr. T and his awesome team I’ve excelled and reach higher heights with my training. Thanks Dr. B and Dr. T you guys are doing an amazing job and keep up the good work!

Donald W.
Google review

I’ve come to this great wellness center for about one and a half years. I had an injury and with help from Dr. T, Dr. B, and Mustafa (trainer) they helped me heal my injury completely and prevent it from happening again. In May of last year, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and because of fear my mom and I decided that I should take medicines that the doctor prescribed (a different doctor, a gastroenterologist) and I got way worse. Since I was already going to them for monthly adjustments, I casually asked them if there was a way to cure or stabilize my condition without medicines. They immediately said yes. Since then Dr. B and Dr. T have taught me a lot about wellness and importance of a healthy lifestyle (eating healthy, adjustments, working out, meditating, etc.) I gained 40 pounds that I lost because of different medicines that I took (I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and went as low as 135 pounds and now I am 172 pounds and all the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis are gone.) I truly believe that chiropractors like this should be people’s primary care doctor. I am so grateful for Dr. B, Dr. T, and the whole staff, can’t say anything negative. There’s a lot more great things that I can say about the staff and doctors, but I want to be straightforward. Even if you’re not having any health problems, you should go for adjustments, maintenance, and learning to prevent future health issues.

Jaime T.
Google review

Our family (2 adults and 2 teenagers) have been going to King Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center for a very long time. We started, probably, in 2009 when they were still King Street Back and Neck Care. We all have had different issues over the years. You name it, one of us had it! Pinched nerves, migraines, multiple sports injuries, Doctor B. has helped us through all of it. I especially want to recommend him to the parents of teenage boys. Dr. B connects really well with all of his patients! It helped me a lot as a parent that he would tell my kids to stretch more and they would actually do it! They trusted him because he loves sports, UFC, completely understands boys motivation and mentality. The moment they feel “out of alignment”, they say “I need to go and see Dr. B”. It works every time. We love the fact that appointments are easy to schedule, the hours are convenient. The office is super friendly. Dr. B and T are really personable and professional. We all highly recommend this practice!

Elena Z.
Google review

I came in because my back was having serious issues on the daily. I could not sleep, walk, or stand without being in pain. After some research I decided to give King St. Chiropractic a try. Best decision I could have made for my back! First off, they take the time to do a full x-ray of your back and a health screening.  Trying to figure out what is actually wrong with you rather than just going right into an adjustment.  After their findings they discuss what they found, why you are in pain, and what they recommend to help you. They got me on a great treatment plan and I feel so much better now. King St. also asks you every visit “where it is hurting today?” On-site they also have a great masseuse who really helped my muscle tension. This a world-class facility with even better staff. Everyone is treated like family.

Jonathan W.
Yelp review

Being in constant pain is no fun especially if you are an active person. That was the story of my life until one of my workout buddies recommended I visit the King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center. It’s been two plus months and I’m pain free. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the service is exceptional.

Hayden B.
Yelp review

The nicest staff!!! Super accommodating with appointment times and changes. Helped me all through my pregnancy.

Kelsey B.
Google review

I was overweight and sluggish with no energy. I was in pain all the time. My eating habits were horrible. I had problems with my back, walking, bending over and could hardly get in and out of the bathtub. I had a hard time bending over to tie my shoe. Even putting on my socks was a chore. I was borderline diabetes and high blood pressure with high body fat. It was worth it. 8 weeks of wellness gave me my life back. I lost 12 lbs and exercise daily, Changed my eating habits. I got down on the floor and looked under my bed for the first time in months #lifechange

Emilee B.
Google review

After meeting Dr. Trauben at a health fair at work, I decided to visit the office for a consultation. I had been suffering from migraines and back pain that multiple doctors had been unable to treat for years. Medications simply helped me deal with the pain. At King Street Chiropractic, we discovered that I had pinched nerves in my neck and set up a plan for me.  Initially, I was adjusted twice a week. After we started treating my problem areas, I noticed a significant improvement. I have been seeing Drs. Borenstein and Trauben for almost 5 years, and my frequency has decreased as my pain disappeared. I only go once every three weeks for maintenance now, as I rarely have headaches or back pain. I would highly recommend seeking care here. In addition to adjustments, they offer a host of other services and take a holistic approach to your health.

Allison V.
Yelp review

King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center has provided me a tremendous amount of pain relief and progress from issues I was facing with sciatica and lower back pain. Both Dr. B and Dr. T are extremely helpful in understanding your issues and work with you to resolve the pain in a natural fashion without the need for surgery. My pain symptoms have been eliminated with 3 months of adjustments, physical therapy and exercise that help to make you feel much better. And the staff is extremely happy and courteous! I highly recommend King Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center to assist with pain needs and overall healthy life choices.

Vik K.
Google review

I’ve been going here since 2013. Dr. B and Dr. T are very knowledgeable in chiropractic care and know what it takes to get your body running smoothly. They have been very helpful in rehabilitating my neck and back which I injured in a car accident . They also educated me on ways to improve my health, which motivated me to start exercising more to lose weight. The staff is very friendly and truly care about seeing you reach your goals. I highly recommend anybody looking for a chiropractor or looking to improve your health to give them a try.

Jamel P.
Google review

I’m an avid runner and had just completed my first ultra marathon when I was sidelined with bad hip and leg pain. After being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and several pinched nerves, the doctors set out an action plan that involved massage, adjustments and tailored workouts with their physical therapists/trainers 2 times a week for 2 months. This is my last week of regular visits and I’m running pain free, able to log about 40 miles a week. The doctors work with you to find the best course of action and are very easy to talk to. The whole staff is nice and and welcoming. I’m so happy I found them and am back to training for my 5th, 6th and 7th marathons in the next 8 months!

Katie C.
Google review

I first came here to deal with my head and neck pain due to fibromyalgia and chronic sinusitis. I had seen many doctors over the years for treatment. I had been put on all sorts of pain relievers and allergy medications, but nothing worked for long. I basically came here out of desperation to find something, anything that might help me.
Chiropractic treatment has definitely reduced the severity of my symptoms. I was also given the tools to cope better with the pain on my bad days.
Most importantly, I will always be grateful to Dr. Trauben and Dr. Borenstein for taking my pain seriously. There have been way too many doctors who have thrown up their hands and given up on trying to find new treatments that might help me. It was so nice to finally find people willing to work with me even when the things that help the vast majority of their patients made my symptoms worse. I have not found many doctors or health care practitioners who are willing to go out of their way to help me the way they did.

Joan L.

A little over a year ago when I came to King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center, I had an unbalanced equilibrium. I couldn’t see straight, my vision was blurred, and I felt as though my eyes were crossing involuntarily. When I stood up too quickly, I lost my balance making day to day activities challenging to perform. My doctor offered me pain killers as a solution after doing xrays and MRI’s. I began treatment with the chiropractor and within two weeks my equilibrium was fully restored. The neck and back pain that was impeding everything I tried to do has been reduced greatly and I am still working on correcting and maintaining the progress I have made while the pain is minimal I can now live without the pain controlling me. I control the pain.

Nicole M.

What I love the most is that everyone treats you like if you were a part of their own family not a business family. They make everybody feel that they care. Dr. Borenstein seems like having a GPS in his hands. He remembers the exact points of where to go with every patient. But the best is that he does not only fix bones and put them in place or treat physical pain, he goes beyond and he also heals the mind and spirit with the right words, expressions and attitude. Once he is done, I leave his bench with a positive attitude and makes me strive harder. He has so much wisdom in his hands and words. Thank you Dr. B, you are the most amazing doctor in this field. Mitchelle and Daily are fantastic. They are always on top of things from greeting to handle your paperwork and the stinging part with ice or heat and they seem to do that greatly and very efficiently. Mustafa in the fitness section, very knowledgeable, sweet, polite, and patience seems to be one of his virtues. Cindy, the best manager I’ve seen working at this office. Very professional but so caring. She is an angel. Dr. Trauben and Dr. Borenstein also give back to the community by helping the needy and community organizations. This is the first review I’ve written, but I had to do it so I can help others to get the best treatment by expressing my own experiences there in this review at this amazing place. For everyone out there who is seeking the best of the best, go and visit this office, I guarantee you will have the best treatment ever.

Suyapa Hernandez
Google review

I have been a patient of King Street Chiropractic for nearly 10 years. One of the things that makes King Street Chiropractic different from other practices is their dedication to full-body wellness – treating the whole person, not just the symptom. When I first began seeing Dr. Borenstein and Dr. Trauben, there was nothing majorly wrong with me – I hadn’t been in a car accident, or slipped and fallen at work – I was simply fortunate enough to grow up in a family that taught me that (chiropractic) maintenance is the key to staying well. Whatever you think the limits of chiropractic care are, I promise, these doctors will exceed them. I grind my teeth, so they adjust my jaw; during allergy season they can “tap” your sinuses; when I walk I pronate in an unusual manner, so they adjust my knees and ankles… chiropractic is not just about treatment after an accident. It’s about maintaining a healthy body as a means to preventing future problems. But I would be remiss if I did not talk about the thing that has kept me coming back to this practice for 10 years – the people. In a few weeks, my husband and I are moving to South Carolina, and I feel like I’m leaving family. Dr. B and Dr. T are so much more than just my doctors, and their investment in me goes beyond just my physical care. They are invested in my whole wellness – but even more than that. They care about my family vacation, my sister’s new boyfriend, my husband’s new job. And Dr. B is always anxious to talk smack about my tennis game. I also have to mention the general office staff, specifically Michelle and Daily – not only are they knowledgeable and accommodating, but a delight to see whenever you enter the office. It has been a privilege to be a patient of King Street Chiropractic for the last 10 years and to watch you grow and thrive. You will all be dearly missed.

Jessica N.
Yelp review

I love king street! They are efficient and know their patients well. I trust them with my spine and my children. My two children have both been getting adjusted there since they were infants.

Lara N

I couldn’t live without a great chiropractor like those at King Street!

Karen Short

I have seen many chiropractors during the past 23 years. I have been a patient of King Street during the past 5 years. The care and service I have received from the King Street doctors and staff have far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Trauben and Dr. Borenstein have the training and expertise to help anyone with back and neck pain get back to living a pain free, healthy life. I highly recommend their care!

Kelly Davis

King Street has been instrumental in maintaining my health and well-being for many years. I had severe neck and back pain due to an automobile accident and I initially didn’t believe that chiropractic care would improve my back and neck health. I was so wrong. Dr. Trauben and Dr. Borenstein are focused on their patients’ health and work tirelessly to ensure their patients receive quality care. They have been kind, caring, professional and effective. The office is well run, the staff knows your name, and cares about your time and schedule.
No matter what my concern has been, Dr. Trauben and Dr. Borenstein have listened and made corrections to my care that resulted in meaningful and superior health improvements.
At 42 years old, I can continue to do the things I love and am passionate about, including competitive International Latin dance at a championship level. It is because of the efforts of the chiropractic team at King Street that I feel like a winner in life. Thank you!!!!

E Triscari

Thanks to Drs. Trauben and Borenstein at King Street, I have a new lease on life.
I’m now 68 years old. I’ve had a history of lower back pain going back to late 1975. I would be “out of commission” for a few days to weeks with lots of pain from a supposed “slipped disc” and then suddenly be fine – until the next occurrence, which would be a couple months or a year away.
In the fall of 1995, my lower back problems became severe. I was in constant pain and could not stand up straight, walk for any distance, or ride in a car for more than a few minutes. The orthopedic doctor I consulted had me on anti-inflammatory medication, Indomethacin, and told me to do the standard back exercises daily. He held hope that spinal surgery would be a last resort. But because of the pain, I couldn’t do the exercises and the medication was ineffective. I continued to tough it out as best as I could.
I considered seeing a chiropractor. Many work associates and neighbors were doing so and claiming good results. However, my wife urged me to see a neurologist who had supposedly helped a friend with her back problem. The neurologist changed my medication from Indomethacin to Naproxen and recommended physical therapy. Neither of these was effective in alleviating the lower back pain. Also at this time, I experienced some episodes of vertigo. ie. debilitating dizziness and nausea. The neurologist had me take several exams (brain MRI, electromyography, etc.) to determine the cause. The end result was that the cause was not determined and my back was still a problem!
I came to King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center on the recommendation of a neighbor who was undergoing treatment. Dr. Trauben took xrays and recommended treatment for spine and neck. He said my problem had been developing for years while I was an office worker sitting in a poor chair with my head tilted forward toward a computer terminal.
With a few months of treatment, the intense lower back pain significantly decreased, there were no further incidents of vertigo, and my posture was improved. However, I still felt “fragile” in the lower back and wasn’t sure I would ever recover fully with zero pain.
So remember – and this is important – to have faith that you will recover! You may feel some pain, as I did, during the initial intensive treatment. But if you follow the doctor’s recommendations and keep up with your appointments/exercise/traction, you’ll find yourself gradually getting back to full function with no pain.
I want to thank Drs. Trauben and Borenstein for encouraging me to keep with the program and keep up the faith! This was certainly an infinite better direction to have taken than undergoing surgery with a questionable outcome.

Larry S.

I am so thankful that I gave King Street a chance. I have been having chest and back pains for about a year and almost daily by that point. It was all terribly scary, especially because I was 26 years old with no other medical problems. I had seen my primary care physician, but she couldn’t locate what was causing the pain. I was sent to several specialists for testing, including a neurologist and a cardiologist. All the tests claimed that I was healthy. However, the pain was real and worsening.
My husband suggested that I try a chiropractor, so I turned to my insurance book, picked a name and made an appointment. I gave it a few weeks, but was very unsatisfied with the care and the unprofessional office environment. After weeks of extreme frustration and several bad visits, I was ready to write off chiropractic care all together. I took a few months break from doctors in general but was urged again by my husband to give another chiropractor a chance. He suggested King Street since it was close to our house and looked like a clean office. He convinced me that not all chiropractors were the same.
Well, I was not about to start popping pain pills, so I reconsidered and eventually made an appointment at King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center. My first visit was surprisingly wonderful; a clean office, friendly staff and doctors who didn’t seem to think of their patients as numbers! I was instantly comfortable with this new office and began on the track of corrective care.
Although it has taken longer than I had hoped and anticipated, I am so thankful that I committed to this care. My Pain is under control and my back health has tremendously improved. They have been supportive, encouraging, and accommodating throughout the process. I am down to one visit a week. which will soon turn into once every other week and then once a month. I have accepted that I have issues with my back. My chest and back pains have gone away, however this is something I will have to consider and remember for the rest of my life. I now know the problem and the remedy. Together we have controlled and managed the situation which has enhanced my quality of life.

Jena P.

I started care in the spring of 2004. I had chronic lower back pain and a pinching in my upper back near my right shoulder blade. Before seeing the doctors at King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center, I took aspirin quite often. Sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time was very uncomfortable as I would throw my back out from time to time. I started to feel improvement within one month. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has really changed my life for the better.

Scott D.

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