Corrective Care in Alexandria, VA

What makes our care so effective is our focus on correcting the core of your health issue. From headaches to localized pain to fatigue to chronic issues, our friendly expert staff will work with you to find your core issue and address it with individualized attention and care.

We find that many of our patients have misalignments that have existed for years. Our corrective care with regular adjustments in their spine and supported by rehabilitative therapies, massage therapy and an individualized exercise plan gets our patients back living the life they love and engaging in activities they had given up doing.

Chiropractic Care

Getting your spine aligned regularly and removing subluxations will allow your body to develop a new pattern and operate more optimally. Read More


Our rehabilitative treatments are designed to help relieve various types of pain and improve muscle movement for increased mobility and strength. Read More

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers many health benefits in support of corrective care. Read More


We can develop an individualized exercise plan suited for your specific needs and abilities. Through correction, exercise & nutrition, you can bounce back from injury and build to optimal strength. Exercise is effective for arthritis & other chronic conditions, too.

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