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alexandria herniated disc pain relief

A Natural, Non-surgical Approach to Bulging or Herniated Disc Pain Relief

Bulging disc are the most common disc issue and many times go unnoticed because they cause less pain. Bulging discs happen when pressure on a misaligned disc cause the disc to stretch and press against nerves. While a herniated disc sometimes called a slipped, ruptured, or collapsed disc is cause by a cracking open of the disc’s cartilage allowing the soft inner cartilage to move outside the disc eventually putting pressure on nerves. Both will limit range of motion and cause pain. Both need a similar treatment approach.

At King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center in Alexandria, VA, we first work with you to diagnosis the cause and find the source of your disc problem. This allows us to give you the individualized care needed to target our adjustments to eliminate your source of pain. Our treatment plan may also include muscle stimulation, targeted stretching and strengthening exercises, massage, diet and supplementation recommendations to reduce inflammation and prevent future pain keeping you active and happy.

For a natural, non-surgical approach to relieving disc pain, call us today to start living a pain-free lifestyle.

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