The “Trick” to Good Health is to “Treat” Your Body Well

The closer we get to Halloween, the more children are thinking about costumes and how they can get as many treats as possible!  As adults, while we may engage in creative costumes for a good party, we know that our health is not going to change as easily as putting on a costume!  Yet, many people want to know what the “trick” to attaining and maintaining good health is.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, here are Dr. Trauben’s top “tricks” to good health:

  1. TREAT your mental health to a good night’s sleep. Most adults need roughly 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to function at the maximum level.
  2. TREAT your body to proper hydration. Divide your body weight in half, and drink that many ounces of water (not coffee, soda, etc.) every day.
  3. TREAT your bones to proper alignment. Just like good employees, bones and joints work best when they are exactly where they need to be, doing the job they were designed to do.  So help them out and get adjusted by your chiropractor regularly.
  4. TREAT your muscles to a massage. No matter how often you get adjusted, stress still has a way of wiggling its way back into our lives and our bodies.  We can feel the physical effects of stress in tight or sore muscles.  A weekly massage helps keep the muscles feeling better, the bones in better alignment, and your stress level down.
  5. TREAT your cardiovascular system to heart-healthy workouts. We all know the adage: Use it or Lose it.  You need to be getting your heart rate up so that you can have a breathy conversation for roughly 30 minutes three times each week.  Come into our Functional Training Center for some exercises that won’t take your breath away.
  6. TREAT your cells to top-notch fuel. You need to treat your body like a luxury car – only feed it the best and purest nutrients.  Ask us how to improve your diet and get better performance from your body.
  7. TREAT your mind to mini-vacations. Take time out of your busy life to regularly rest your brain or meditate throughout your day.  This is like a mini-vacation for your brain!  You will find yourself much more relaxed and able to focus after a meditation.

If you can incorporate these seven “tricks” into your daily lifestyle, you will soon be “treat”ing yourself to lower stress and better health!  If you have questions, consider visiting our doctors of chiropractic (DC’s). DC’s are licensed and trained to diagnose and treat patients of all ages and will use a gentler type of treatment for children. In addition, DC’s can also prescribe exercises designed to help everyone develop strong muscles, along with instruction in good nutrition, posture and sleeping habits.  Our office also has a Functional Training Center and Massage Rooms available.

For more information on how to implement Dr. T’s “tricks,” call us to schedule an appointment at 703-578-1900!

Keeping your health in motion,
Dr. Steven Trauben & Dr. Jeff Borenstein



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