5 Easy (and fun) Ways to Start Exercising!

The first thing to do is find a partner or an ‘accountability buddy.’ It’s hard to exercise solo and even harder to continue and improve your performance without accountability and encouragement. That’s why professional athletes have coaches and personal trainers. People who don’t have a coach or a trainer find having an exercise partner or an ‘accountability buddy’ who regularly checks on their progress, is key to staying on track and making it more fun and rewarding.

Second, wake up earlier than usual. I know . . . Who doesn’t want to sleep longer in their comfortable bed? We all do and some of us hit the snooze button multiple times. The best time to exercise is when you actually do it. The second best time to exercise is in the morning. Wake up a little bit earlier and challenge yourself. When you do this, you’ll be awake and alive, ready to conquer the day, while your coworkers are dragging and nursing their second cup of coffee at 9 a.m.

Third, make it fun! This is important – who wants to do something that’s not fun? Make it a game, tune into your inner kid. Kids love games, challenges and creativity. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make exercise more fun? Make it social? Challenge my friend(s)? Do it in a different environment? Connect it to learning a new activity . . . dance, yoga, tennis, canoeing?”  You’ll be healthier and happier for changing your mindset and seeing exercise as an opportunity to have fun and be more engaged in life.

Fourth, make it low-tech. You don’t have to have fancy machines or gizmos to help you. You know what to do. Walk, jog, bike, dance, swim, take the stairs, do some push-ups and sit-ups. Get active. On the other hand, there are some good gadgets that can track and challenge your performance—such as Fitbit Flex (www.fitbit.com/flex), MapMyFitness (www.mapmyfitness.com), Got A Minute For Your Health (www.corefitnessbyjana.com) and many more.  Check out www.healthybeeps.com for more apps and reviews. The bottom line: Don’t think too hard. High or low tech, figure it out.  As they say, “Just do it.”

Last, hydrate yourself. Drink water and plenty of it. You sweat during exercise and you need to replenish your body’s water. So drink and drink plenty.

Dr. Steven Trauben is the founder of King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center, a pain relief and wellness center located in Alexandria, Virginia. He has been practicing just outside Washington DC for over twenty years now. The nationally known and well sought-out 8 Weeks to Wellness® program allows you to experience optimal wellness through chiropractic care, exercise, massage, nutrition & meditation. If you’re interested in speaking with Dr. Trauben, you can call (703) 578-1900 to schedule an appointment or you can go online www.kingstreetwellness.com.


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