Seek Chiropractic Care for Digestive Troubles

If you have digestive problems, you already know the importance of working with your gastroenterologist to build a plan.  But have you thought about seeing a doctor of chiropractic as well?

Your digestive system is entirely linked to your nervous system, and your nervous system has complete control over various aspects of your digestive function.  If any of the nerves in your spine are not functioning correctly, problems with digestion can occur.

Ailments such as chronic acid reflux, upset stomach and constipation develop when the spine is aligned improperly.  This is because stress is put on the nerves, leaving them unable to send out signals to your digestive organs to work properly.

Through chiropractic adjustments a doctor of chiropractic can take the strain off of your nervous system and allow it to function at its best.  Chiropractic care is often safer than many medications used for digestive troubles, and many people have found relief from their conditions after seeing a chiropractor for an adjustment.

In addition to good chiropractic care, there are a number of nutritional ways to support good digestion.  Here are few options for you.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has a high acid content, which helps digest proteins in the stomach by lowering stomach pH.  It’s important to use raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the mother.  The mother is the cloudy strings of naturally occurring pectin and proteins that form during fermentation.  The enzymes and other nutritional properties in raw ACV are what have such a positive effect on the digestive process.  Take a tablespoon of ACV in a big glass of water around 15 minutes before a meal to stimulate digestive juices for better breakdown of your food.

2. Bone Broth

Bone broth, in addition to being rich in minerals, is high in glycine and helps regulate the secretion of gastric acids and the synthesis of bile salts.  The gelatin found in homemade bone broth is shown to soothe the mucosal lining of the intestines and guards against inflammation and infection.

3. Beets and Beet Kvass

Beet juice and beet kvass help to thin out bile. If the bile is too thick, the liver and gallbladder get congested and problems start to occur. The betaine in beets is what aids digestion, as well as helps to promote healthy stomach acid and juices.

4. Lemon Water

Lemon juice increases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  It also helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, burping, and bloating.

5. Take A Probiotic

Probiotics are live microorganisms. When taken in sufficient amounts, they can help restore the natural balance of gut bacteria. This may help reduce the symptoms of bowel disorders like ulcerative colitis and IBS.  Probiotics can also reduce the risk and severity of diarrhea from a number of different causes.

Take the first step to feeling better today!  If you can incorporate these nutritional strategies into your diet, along with receiving chiropractic adjustments, not only will your digestion improve, but your whole body will feel better.  At King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center, our team of Wellness Experts are here to assist you in reaching your maximum wellness potential.  Make sure you call our office at 703-578-1900 to schedule an appointment for us to help you choose the right probiotic.

Keeping your health in motion,
Dr. Steven Trauben & Dr. Jeff Borenstein

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