If you knew what we knew… You’d do what we do!

Commit to a Chiropractic Healthy Lifestyle

So, what is it that we do? We are committed to living the chiropractic healthy lifestyle. And what is that? First and foremost, we are chiropractors, so we get our spines checked regularly for subluxations (misaligned vertebrae).

Subluxations interfere with nervous system function, which decreases or negatively affects our health. As chiropractors, we know that a properly aligned and mobile spine leads to better nerve function, which improves health. We also know that subluxations are caused by 3 kinds of stress. Stress that is caused by trauma, thoughts, and toxins. Trauma comes in the form of poor posture, sitting too long, and weak muscles (deconditioning).

Moving Well

At our wellness center, we are all committed to regular exercise weekly. It consists of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility/stretching. We have a complete functional fitness center at our facility in Alexandria. Yes, we do it!

Eating Well

Toxins come in the form of what we eat and drink, and from our environment. We are committed to eating a balanced diet focusing on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, while limiting foods that are highly inflammatory such as sugar, grains, and dairy. We even supplement with fish oils, vitamin D, and probiotics to ensure proper intake.

Thinking Well

As far as thoughts, we know that our emotions (stress) cause 70% of the ailments that walk into our office. In order to minimize stress (decrease fight or flight), we are committed to either meditate, do yoga, and deep-breathing techniques.

Chiropractic Healthy Lifestyle

Why do we do this? We are health and wellness professionals! I can’t fix your toilet, or rewire your house, but I know the human body! I can only speak for myself, but I do this to live a vibrant life as long as I can. I enjoy activities like tennis and skiing and I want to do these things with my children, and I don’t want to be dependent on medications.

As chiropractors, we understand that we are different. We are not medical doctors. We are more like exercise, something you do regularly. Medical doctors are necessary for sickness and crisis care. We are committed to wellness and preventing sickness or a crisis.

We Change Your Belief System

So, it’s up to the doctors here at King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center to change belief systems for a chiropractic healthy lifestyle. We know it’s our job to educate, educate, and educate some more on the importance of eating well, moving well, and thinking well so we can fulfill our mission of creating a healthier planet one committed person at a time! We won’t ask you to do anything we don’t already do!

Make an appointment to talk with us about how you too can commit to maximized wellness!

Setting your health in motion,
Dr. Steven Trauben, D.C. & Dr. Jeff Borenstein, D.C.

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