Get Fit OUTSIDE This Summer!

You can tell it is summertime: the kids are getting out of school; the temperatures are climbing; the cherry blossoms have given way to full leaves; and the summer tourists are arriving by busload!  For many of us, the summer is the time when we get our exercise outside rather than in a gym.  If you are tired of the same outdoor exercise suggestions (walk the National Zoo, bike the GW Trail, or swim at your local pool), Dr. Trauben presents his favorite five activities to get moving and enjoy the summer weather with your friends and family!

5. Paddleboat around the Tidal Basin

Yes, there is a fee to rent the boat, but you can fit from 2-4 people safely in each boat and they rent by the hour.  Use the full amount of time to explore the Tidal Basin from a side you don’t usually get to see – on the water!  Plus, it is great exercise for your legs.  If you want a tougher workout, be sure to bring along friends or family to sit in the back and not help paddle.

4. Walk the monuments around the Mall

If you haven’t seen the monuments at night, the summer is a perfect time to do that!  The temperatures will be a bit cooler, the tourists will have thinned out a bit in the evening, and the monuments look completely different at night. The entire walk, beginning at the Capitol, going around the Mall, the Tidal Basin, and back to the Capitol is about 7 miles.  You can make it 2 miles shorter by just circling the Mall.

3. Explore a new park

The greater DC area has millions (not literally) of neighborhood parks.  Some are for dog-owners, some for families with smaller children, some for nature observers, and some for everyone!  Pick a new area and search for local parks. Then spend time discovering all the park has to offer. Whether it’s tennis, frisbee, flying kites, playing fetch with Rover, or swinging on the playground equipment, you can get exercise and have fun in a new (to you) environment!

2. Walk the C&O Canal

Start in Georgetown and walk towards Cumberland, Maryland.  The historic canal’s towpath starts in colonial Georgetown and winds through Virginia and Maryland. It is 14.5 miles to Falls Church, Virginia, but you can always turn around at any point.  Check site maps for fun snack or shopping diversions while getting out in the fresh air.

1.Hike Great Falls

Located in Virginia, Great Falls National Park has 15 miles of hiking trails ranging from 0.4  to 1.6 miles each way. Most trails are easy to moderate hiking, and all offer gorgeous views and scenery. Be sure to bring appropriate footwear as none of the trails are paved and drinking water so you can take your time and enjoy your hike.  And don’t forget to check out the falls!

Remember, your body is at its best when your spinal bones are in their correct positions.  Bones can become mis-aligned from something as simple as jumping off a rock! So be sure to come get chiropractic adjustments at regular intervals all summer long to stay in your best shape possible.  But, wherever you go and whatever you do, please stay hydrated and have fun! We look forward to seeing you out and about this summer!

Keeping your health in motion,
Dr. Jeff Borenstein & Dr. Steve Trauben


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