This is Jeopardy “Corporate Wellness Style”

Last week, King Street Chiropractic Wellness Center held a corporate wellness lunch & learn at a government agency. We did it “Jeopardy style” and the topics were: Nutrition, Chiropractic, Posture & Mobility, and Health Facts. Each category earned 100, 200,…
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Maintain A Healthy Spine

Countless people are affected by back pain every day.  In fact, back pain is among the top reasons for doctor visits and missed work days. To maintain a healthy spine, start with good habits for a routine that becomes a…
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Backpack Health

The earliest sign of fall is upon us – it’s Back-to-School time!  While we all prepare to return to the classroom in different ways, most of us will find a way to not have to carry a myriad of books…
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Stressed Out?

The demands of our modern world provide lots of things to stress out about. Job anxieties, health difficulties, money problems, and social pressures can weigh heavily on us. Sometimes we create our own internal stress with unhealthy life habits such…
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